Accusations against Russia – uncovered as agitation propaganda

The accusations against Russia are “blooming” at the moment. In the Sergej Skripal poisoning case immediately cries were heard: Russia is to blame!! Supposedly no other explanation is plausible.



The accusations against Russia are “blooming” at the moment.

In the Sergej Skripal poisoning case immediately cries were heard: Russia is to blame!! Supposedly no other explanation is plausible. Just a few days later, after the alleged chemical weapons attack in the city of Douma Syria, the German tabloid BILD headlined: “Putin must finally break with Assad”.

This, although, as in the first case, there had been no investigation done at the crime site and no proof could be brought. German expert for military technology and flight, Peter Haisenko humorously summarized the accusations against Russia, satirically like this:

“We can say with absolute certainty, that it probably was Russia!”

According to Haisenko, in every single case proof was missing and the events presented were deceptively twisted. We want to take a look at one example of such incrimination, which is a bit further in the past but, is still being repeated almost daily. Namely the accusation that Russia manipulated the US presidential elections.

This accusation is the validation for a whole list of sanctions against Russia.

While the allegation could never be proved with solid evidence, there are already concrete leads, proving that the New York company Cambridge Analytica manipulated the elections.

Already during the presi-dential campaign in 2016, not a Russian company, but the US company was under criticism for colossal support for Donald Trump. In December 2016, shortly after the elections, Swiss newspaper Das Magazin interviewed a former Cambridge Analytica employee. The Polish psychologist Dr. Michal Kosinski – now living in England – describes in detail how Cambridge Analytica helped Trump to his election victory. According to Kosinski, this was done by directing millions of differ-ent advertisements to relevant target groups, especially those voters who were still undecided. The basis for this was skimmed off and exploited Facebook data. With his help analysis methods were developed with this data, which could determine exact personality-profiles. Because of this competent witness, already at the end of 2016,

it was known that a US company had manipulated the elections.

This company – to this day – does not deny having misused data and was never penalized for it.

Yet, only a few western media reported about it and quickly dropped the subject again, only to go on with their unfounded accusations against Russia! In March 2018 the British, daily paper The Guardian brought the topic up again. This time they al-lowed another former Cambridge Analytica employee to speak out: a young computer specialist, who frankly describes how during his work there, he spied on millions of Facebook profiles. He also revealed which prominent personalities were part of this process: for example US oligarchy members Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon, who later became President Trump’s adviser. Only Americans are listed. Not a single Russian. Aside from this Cambridge Analytica belongs to the British corporation SCL and not to a Russian corporation.

In light of these uncovered facts, western media should actually end their defamation campaign against Russia. Yet exactly the opposite happened: The Gaurdian had material for another round – even in the same article already – speculating about connections between Cambridge Analytica and the Russian oil company Lukoil. Yet again no evidence at all was presented. The western media and politicians pattern of presenting the public with unfounded accusations against Russia, in spite of knowing better and regardless of clear facts, has shown itself to be pure inflammatory propaganda. Yet, one accusation follows the next. Russia is supposed to be pushed into a corner, isolated and economically weakened. Support us -in going against this – for example by spreading our broadcasts – so that this increasing agitation against Russia is realized by the public and no longer tolerated. Like this a significant con-tribution can be made to stop a possibly uncontrollable escalation against Russia.

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