Fewer births and more deaths

NORWAY: fewer births (Fødde) and more deaths (Døde) in Q1 2022 than Q1 2021.

This is a global trend we’re currently observing in many countries. I assume that the booster shots make everything worse, which will be visible in the 2023 data.

I’m afraid that the depopulation claims weren’t just a myth. Meanwhile, they’re still pushing hard to get the African continent vaccinated too, but the majority of people there either don’t care or cannot be blackmailed with travel restrictions.


Dr. Simon @Goddek https://t.me/s/goddek


Data from Germany https://t.me/goddeketal/236054

Data from Switzerland https://t.me/goddeketal/236095

Data from Netherlandshttps://twitter.com/iddkko/status/1540958439597174784?s=21&t=-oiJVbAYUkSFm_VwU_CwWA

Data from The Netherlands shows a similar drop in birthrates. Vaccination for <35 years started in June 2021, so the drop in February is exactly 9 months later.

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