Tragic consequences of mass vaccination – Spanish Flu 1918


Since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic, a vaccine against the virus has been praised as a cure.

In the following program you will see the tragic consequences of mass vaccinations already in 1918, at the time of the alleged Spanish flu.

Spanish Flu – mass deaths through mass vaccination To underline the threat potential of the corona virus, the media regularly refers to the „Spanish flu“ of 1918. Depending on the source, it is said to be responsible for the death of 20 to 100 million people.

The so-called „Spanish flu“ is regarded worldwide as the worst epidemic of all time and as proof that a virus could once again claim millions of lives.

But what do historical sources say?

Do they prove that a flu pathogen was actually responsible for the death of many millions of people? Here are some related facts:

The term „Spanish flu“ is derived from the fact that the first reports of a serious flu epidemic originated in Spain. After a first wave of the disease from February 1918,

a second and far more violent wave followed from August 1918, inexplicably affecting mainly young healthy adults and especially soldiers from various countries – and not, as before, the weak, sick and old.

The symptoms also differed greatly from one another. The theory that the Spanish flu was caused by a dangerous pathogen could not be confirmed, according to the medical journalist Hans Tolzin, because it was not contagious! Attempts in Boston and San Francisco to infect delinquent sailors and prison inmates with the secretion of seriously ill people failed. None of them fell ill.

Also the geographical origin and course were completely unclear and untypical. The flu would have to have broken out on several continents almost simultaneously. It seems plausible, however, that the „Spanish flu“ was on the one hand the consequence of undersupply, hunger and lack of hygiene in the aftermath of World War I, but on the other hand also the consequence of mass vaccinations. These were carried out on a large scale, especially among soldiers, especially against smallpox and typhoid fever as well as influenza. During the mass deaths caused by the so-called „Spanish flu“, several critical contemporary witnesses, such as the „Christian Science Monitor“ or Eleanora McBean, reported independently of each other that only vaccinated persons fell ill with the „Spanish flu“. The horrendous side effects due to unreliable vaccines were covered up and justified with the „Spanish flu“. Conclusion: With the reference to the „Spanish flu“, even today fear and panic should be spread and the population should be forced to vaccinate. However, it is not an example of a worldwide pandemic caused by viruses with deadly consequences for millions of people, which can occur again at any time.

Rather, there is clear evidence that the mass vaccinations of the time played a significant, if not the decisive role in this deadly disease. Valued viewers, those who inform themselves are immune to interest-driven panic-mongering! So, do inform yourself and others about these important historical backgrounds! Well-researched information can be found in the sources given.

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