What is going on in our skies ?

Many people around the world are taking pictures of strange appearences in our skies and they don´t agree with the scietific explanations.

 A rectangular moon ??



Moon 2

 A donnat in the sky of Sweden ??


And what is that ??


Source of the screenshots: The Sun  and Daily Mail UK  11.Juli 2017


Incredible ‘rectangular moon’ sighting sparks alien conspiracy theories – but there’s a scientific explanation

Sky watcher says he saw the pink moon hover over the sea ‚like a giant ice block‘


An alien signal? Incredible ‘rectangular moon’ sighting caused by the mixing of cold and warm air sparks conspiracy theories

Amateur astronomers from Maine went out to watch the moonrise on Sunday  

They described the moon as rising ‚like a giant block of ice‘ above the horizon

The atmosphere acted as a lens and distorted the moon’s colour and shape

But conspiracy theorists are convinced that other-worldly forces were at work

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