North Korea Threatens to Nuke Australia for Supporting US

North Korea threatens nuclear strike against Australia if it doesn’t stop ‚blindly toeing US line‘

N. Korea accuses Australia of ‘blindly toeing US line,’ threatens nuclear strike

North Korea has warned Australia of a possible nuclear strike if it continues to „blindly and zealously toe the US line.“ It comes after Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Pyongyang poses a „serious threat“ to peace and stability in the region.


North Korea Threatens to Nuke Australia for Supporting US


Now Kim Jong-un threatens to nuke AUSTRALIA as North Korea warns ‘DO NOT toe the US line’

AUSTRALIA could now be in the firing line of crazed dictator Kim Jong-un after North Korea warned the country not to “blindly toe the US line”.

And US marines last week arrived in Australian capital Canberra to take part in annual military drills.


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