Vacation’s Over: Obama Returns to Public Life Next Week

The New York Times wrote:

WASHINGTON — Barack Obama’s extended post-presidential vacation is about to end. After spending weeks in French Polynesia — including time on the yacht of the movie mogul David Geffen along with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey — Mr. Obama will return to Chicago on Monday for his first public event as a former president.

His self-imposed silence since Inauguration Day will end with a series of events over the next four weeks.(…) a series of public remarks as well as private paid speeches in the United States and Europe; and an appearance at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany with Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Later in May, Mr. Obama will be with his White House chef and friend, Sam Kass, in Italy for a session at the Global Food Innovation Summit about the effect of climate change on food sources. On May 25, Mr. Obama is to participate in a public discussion at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, joined by Ms. Merkel, a close ally during his time in office.

In both European countries, Mr. Obama will also deliver paid speeches.

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21.April 2017


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