Weather manipulation

Who thinks it is not possible to make it rain will soon learn more about it….

THE SUN reports:

China is controlling the weather and will soon make it rain over an area twice the size of FRANCE

Test of climate tech follows years of bizarre rumours that China might be mucking around with the world’s weather.

China’s radical $168 million weather control system revealed: Scheme to boost rain and snow for an area double the size of FRANCE gets go ahead

  • Program will rely on 4 new planes, 8 upgraded craft, 897 rocket launch devices
  • It will also use 1,856 devices connected to digital control systems, officials say
  • Project will take 3 years, will increase precipitation in an area of 960,000sq km
South China Morning Post wrote:

China showers ¥1.15b on rainmaking project for parched northwest

China’s top economic planning agency has approved a 1.15 billion yuan (HK$1.3 billion) rainmaking project for the country’s dry northwestern provinces in one of the biggest government programmes to modify weather.



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