Internetzensur ist ein weites  Feld.

Ich denke, es muss unterbunden werden, dass Menschen Aufrufe zu Gewalt und Hass verbreiten. Ebenso ist kein Platz für rassistische Äußerungen oder Verleumdungen.

Doch wer entscheidet, was freie Meinungsäußerung und ist

und was Verbreitung von Hass und Gewaltaufruf?


On Tuesday, May 31st, 2016, the European Commission along with the „IT Companies“ (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft) released a press release, announcing what they call a „code of conduct“ regarding „illegal online hate speech.“

Such preventive measures would be taken within 24 hours of anything deemed „hate speech“ online: including racism, xenophobia, and/or any posts related to the matter.



Facebook, Microsoft*,Twitter and YouTube (hereinafter „the IT Companies“) –also involved in the EU Internet Forum –share, together with other platforms and social media companies, a collective responsibility and pride in promoting and facilitating freedom of expression throughout the online world;The IT Companies also share the European Commission’sand EU Member States‘ commitment to tackle illegal hate speech online. Illegal hate speech, as defined by the Framework Decision 2008/913/JHA of 28 November 2008 on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law and national laws transposing it, means all conduct publicly inciting to violence or hatred directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin.

The IT Companies and the European Commission also stress the need to defend the right to freedom of expression, which, as the European Court of Human Rights has stated, “is applicable not only to „information“ or „ideas“ that are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also to thosethat offend, shock or disturb the State or any sector of the population”..

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Published on Jun 1, 2016


Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube adopt EU hate speech rules

US tech giants have signed an agreement with the European Commission to tackle the spread of illegal hate speech online that requires them to address complaints within 24 hours.

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube adopted the code of conduct on Tuesday, committing to crackdown on the use of online hate speech swiftly by putting in place internal procedures to respond to the majority of notifications of abuse within 24 hours and remove the offending content if necessary.

The guidelines are aimed at combating the use of social media by terrorists, according to a joint statement issued by the EC and the IT companies.

“The recent terror attacks have reminded us of the urgent need to address illegal online hate speech. Social media is unfortunately one of the tools that terrorist groups use to radicalize young people and racists use to spread violence and hatred,” said Vĕra Jourová, EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality.


European Union Cracks Down On Online ‚Hate Speech‘

Published on Jun 1, 2016



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