Touching the lives of others

von Dr.Wayne Dyer

Social media reflects the existence around us and we can choose to spread love and emulate all that is good, or we can absorb all the bad news and negativity that feeds our existence so that we become programmed to harbor violent thoughts and want to commit violent actions because we forget about the good things that we want as people, and that we all share a common ground in desiring happiness in this life, and all lives.

When we read, watch, or listen to the news, the focus is often directed towards the general public arguing about issues that have very little to do with the important things in life. Rather than addressing the real issues that we, as a community, can bond together and agree on, much like the Congressional approval of the Trans Pacific Partnership, we are driven to argue about things that aren’t as important. Remember that we become what we think about. Ignorance is not bliss.
Concentrate on the good things that surround you in this infinite Universe and the many possibilities that exist. Consider where you can open yourself up to positive change and helping the world to find its harmony.

Follow your excitement. For me it’s writing. I know that I’m fulfilling a dharma. When you connect to that and feel that, that’s God talking to you.
Love yourself; place an intention and focus on how much good you’re going to do. You are an amazing being that is one with God and shared all that is good in creation.
We are all connected and are born with the universal right to exist in happiness. Be kind to one another and embrace Divine Love. Begin with being kind to yourself and loving your self-concept. Habituate good thoughts that motivate feelings of empowerment that elevate you to higher level of consciousness where your self-concept embraces and becomes one with your higher self. Expect it of yourself.
Spread love to all that surrounds you and welcome the same as it is returned.



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